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What We Do.

Grow.Gather.Graze is committed to empowering individuals & communities to produce local & sustainable food – no matter how big or small their space.

We educate across a wide range of topics & our design work covers all aspects of edible gardening, from urban backyards, larger properties & corporate spaces, to schools & community gardens. 

Every project is different but all of our work centres around a love of sustainability, a passion for homegrown food & a deep belief in fostering communities that create resilience in a changing world.

We’ve designed humble herb gardens, school veggie patches, food forests & chicken coops; built community through Crop Swap Australia, our own share economy; constructed produce stands, taught students about the origins of popcorn, integrated passive watering solutions & even catered a sustainable hens party complete with a natural dyeing workshop.

We truly believe in the work that we do & would love to help you live a more sustainable life. Here are some ways to work with us.


About Laurie Green.

Proud recipient of three Better Business Partnership Sustainable Business Awards in 2023!

  • Purpose & Impact Category Winner
  • People’s Choice Award
  • Second Overall Better Business Partnership Sustainable Business 2023

Laurie Green, director & lead designer is based in Sydney. She is a strong community advocate in the field, has an engaged online following & 15 years of edible gardening experience that ranges from small scale indoor patches, to balconies, schools, community gardens & off grid acreage.

Originally trained as a graphics & textiles designer, she started her permaculture training in 2012 through well-renowned Milkwood & completed her Permaculture design certificate through Limestone Permaculture in 2021.

Acknowledging the different needs of every client, & working with the challenges of each site, she endeavours to return nature to the forefront at every opportunity.

These days Laurie channels her creativity into community food projects, urban permaculture, low waste living, organics & into her writing for The Sustainable Living Magazine.

In 2015 she founded a share economy named Crop Swap Australia which facilitates the swapping of homegrown produce, seeds and plants through local, cashless markets. These groups have proven to successfully build local community, increase awareness around sustainable living practices, reduce food waste & help people to eat better for less. The initiative currently operates over 30 national groups with an additional one in Vancouver Canada, and has an audience of over 50k.

Most recently, she wrote and designed an international corporate gardening program for Vegepod. As part of this program Laurie will present the Sydney based workshops to businesses to help them grow and learn as a team, encouraging creativity, strengthening relationships and promoting healthy eating habits.

Professionally, Laurie also runs sustainable events, consults for ethical brands, facilitates the Coal Loader Centre for Sustainability’s Sustainable Food Production education program, supplies unusual produce and edible flowers to Sydney restaurants, does speaking engagements, designs permaculture gardens, and is a founding member of the team behind the Sydney Edible Garden Trail which launched in March 2020.

At home, she has two children and a passion for low-tox living where she makes yoghurt, sourdough, kombucha & soft cheese. When she’s not foraging or in her own urban permaculture garden, she can be found making natural products from homegrown ingredients, such as inks, dyes, spice mixes, teas, bath products, kids spinning tops & musical shakers.

Laurie has worked with organisations such as Pocket City Farms, Pukka, Vegepod, The Swag, local councils, community gardens, schools & Permaculture groups. Her work has been featured in a range of publications and was showcased at the 2018 Google Food APAC conference, but this write up by The Planthunter digs deep & talks about more than the dirt under her fingernails.

She’s traveled, met some amazing people, eaten good food, and hopes to continue that way of life for a long time yet.


Our Services.

1. Education.

– If You’re Starting Out –



For those wanting to start their patch from scratch we provide consultations to give you some direction & inspiration before you dive in. These sessions can be used to discuss what’s possible on your site, or to simply bounce ideas around about a smaller project (such as helping you to create a seasonal planting calendar based on what you like to eat.) This time can also be used to form a brief as part of a larger design project.

Get in touch for a quote based on your space, project aspirations and location.

Ongoing Mentoring

Some of the best time spent learning is within your own garden. This is why we offer mentorship where we can join you for a few hours on site to discuss seasonal planting, talk about natural pest control, chicken management or any other tasks that you feel you’d like to learn about one on one in your specific environment.

These sessions can be scheduled weekly, monthly or seasonally for as long as you require. If this sounds like what you’re after then get in touch.

2. Design.

– If You’re Scaling Up –


Garden Design

Maybe you have some ideas about what you want, or you already have a garden that needs some work, re-planning, or you’re expanding! Then we’d love to work with you in this way. We can help you turn any patch into a productive & purposeful one.

Our design work is based on permaculture principles that we use to analyse & assess spaces before designing them. If you don’t know anything about permaculture that’s ok. This set of principles can be used to design a herb garden or a large farm. They help us to see your space as part of a larger system (taking into account it’s surrounding environment), inform how you will interact with it & enable it to perform to maximum efficiency.

As the scale, detail and implementation of every job is different, we provide custom quotes through a streamlined process. Please get in touch and tell us about the specifics of your project (include photos where possible).

3. Community.

– Where We Come Together –


Since 2015 Laurie has been gathering people to celebrate local food. From starting the Crop Swap initiative, to running workshops, and as a co-founder of the Sydney Edible Garden Trail, community is something that she is truly passionate about.

Join your local Crop Swap community!

In 2015 Laurie started the first Crop Swap Australia community in Sydney. This not for profit network now facilitates swapping between over 50,000 Australians in local communities. It has also inspired other like-minded groups around the country & world. There’s even a Crop Swap Vancouver, Canada! 

Crop Swap facilitates the swapping of homegrown produce, seeds and edible plants through local, cashless markets, connecting like-minded people. These groups build community, reduce food waste and help people to eat better, for less. Join your local group, or start your own, to meet the growers of your food, get local growing tips, share recipes & a bounty of sustainable knowledge.

Depending on the group swapping is available via face to face events, or online via your local Crop Swap Facebook group.  Get more of what you want, and less of what you don’t, without wasting the fruits of your labour – literally. 

Attend or run a workshop!

Events can be run virtually or in person for private enterprise, community groups, local councils or individuals. Please get in touch to discuss your needs further. 

We’re always open to ideas & are happy to tailor events to specific requirements.

Be inspired by backyard growers!

The Sydney Edible Garden Trail, is an urban agricultural trail, celebrating the many ways that Sydney residents are creating food security and building self-reliance, saving money and the environment, while enjoying the health benefits of homegrown fruit and veg. 

Our aim is to encourage and inspire growing edible produce in street gardens, home gardens and public spaces across Sydney. 

This physical & virtual community event also showcases sustainable practices such as mulching for water conservation, recycling & composting to increase soil fertility & reduce landfill, planting to encourage bees, home food production to increase food security, & organic growing techniques to reduce chemical use. 

This is a volunteer run, community not-for-profit event with profits going to a grants program that facilitates the building & improving of school & community edible gardens.


Media & Publications

Over the years, we’ve been featured in, & contributed to, an extensive list of publications & programs for individuals, schools, corporations & industry.


Experience and Clients

We feel very lucky to have worked with a broad range of pioneering brands, truly genuine industry professionals & organisations working for good in our changing world.




Where to Find us

We acknowledge the Gadigal of the Eora Nation, the Traditional Custodians of the land that we now call Sydney. We recognise their continuing connection to land, water and community. We pay our respects to Elders past, present and emerging.

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