Crop Swap

Crop Swap


There’s no denying that growing produce in your backyard can be tough. If the weather doesn’t break your heart on occasion then the caterpillars and possums will. But the struggle isn’t one we need to take alone. Despite the fences that define our backyards, an open sense of community and knowledge sharing is essential to grow better food, discover new produce possibilities, and connect with like-minded souls that share a passion for organic food.

Enter Crop Swap.

Do you grow too much basil, have too many seeds, or is your freezer not big enough for your end of season pesto? Simply, Crop Swap facilitates the swapping of homegrown produce, seeds and edible plants through local, cashless markets. These groups build community, reduce food waste and help people eat better, at a lesser cost. Join your local group to meet your neighbours, swap excess produce and fairly barter with like-minded people for fresh, local and delicious goods. It’s simple. Come along to a free event to get more of what you want, and less of what you don’t, without wasting the fruits of your labour – literally.


The groups facilitate the swapping of homegrown produce, seeds, honey, eggs and homemade goods, such as bread, ferments and baked goods.  They encourage organic and pesticide free gardening practices and exist to build local community, reduce food waste and to help people eat better for less.

Whilst swapping is encouraged, many items are shared in the interest of minimising waste for free collection. No money ever changes hands.


New Crop Swaps are popping up every day! I’ve collated 300+ groups into the map below, and hope that you can find a local community to connect with. Please get in touch to add a new group or to change any details. It’s also worth noting that these groups all operate in their own unique way.  Some are exclusively swap based, while others allow money to change hands.  Regardless, they’re all grass roots communities with fresh, local and homegrown food at their heart.

Please note that this collation is simply a list of possibilities, Grow Gather Graze is not associated with all organizations and takes no responsibility for trades or events undertaken within ,or by the organizations listed here.

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