Laurie Green

Laurie Green

Laurie Green

Originally trained as a graphics & textiles designer, Laurie now channels her creativity into community food projects, urban permaculture, low waste living, organics & into her writing for The Sustainable Living Magazine.

In 2015 she founded a share economy named Crop Swap Australia which facilitates the swapping of homegrown produce, seeds and plants through local, cashless markets. These groups have proven to successfully build local community, increase awareness around sustainable living practices, reduce food waste & help people to eat better for less. The initiative currently operates over 30 national groups with an additional one in Vancouver Canada, and has an audience of over 50k.

Most recently, she wrote and designed an international corporate gardening program for Vegepod. As part of this program Laurie will present the Sydney based workshops to businesses to help them grow and learn as a team, encouraging creativity, strengthening relationships and promoting healthy eating habits.

Professionally, Laurie also runs sustainable events, consults for ethical brands, facilitates the Coal Loader Centre for Sustainability’s Sustainable Food Production education program, supplies unusual produce and edible flowers to Sydney restaurants, does speaking engagements, designs permaculture gardens, and is a founding member of the team behind the Sydney Edible Garden Trail which launched in March 2020.

At home, she has two children and a passion for low-tox living where she makes yoghurt, sourdough, kombucha & soft cheese. When she’s not foraging or in her own urban permaculture garden, she can be found making natural products from homegrown ingredients, such as inks, dyes, spice mixes, teas, bath products, kids spinning tops & musical shakers.

Laurie has worked with organisations such as Pocket City Farms, Pukka, Vegepod, The Swag, local councils, community gardens, schools & Permaculture groups. Her work has been featured in a range of publications and was showcased at the 2018 Google Food APAC conference, but this write up by The Planthunter digs deep & talks about more than the dirt under her fingernails.

She’s traveled, met some amazing people, eaten good food, and hopes to continue that way of life for a long time yet.