Consultancy & Mentoring

Consultancy & Mentoring

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If you don’t know where to begin with starting or transforming a space into an edible garden, this is it! Our Inspiration Package can be done completely online or ideally in-person, with a simple process that allows us to create a garden concept that works with your level of experience, time availability, location and budget.

The Process

  1. Deep dive into your level of experience, time availability, geographic location, garden feature wish list and budget.
  2. Answer any questions around permaculture and its application to a successful edible gardens.
  3. Tour your garden with attention to existing infrastructure, existing vegetation/flora, exposures to environment such as sun, wind, shade and rain, gradients and drainage, look and feel, and soil conditions.
  4.  With the design brief defined and the site layout considered, we present you with an initial concept design for review.
  5. We return to the garden to walk through our design, address any final changes/considerations and answer any questions.
  6. We package it all up in a Concept Design document that you can keep on hand for future reference or share with others to help bring it to life.

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